Connect, Bend, and Divide! Tublock is the new sensation block it will rack your brain.

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Company Name Tublock Co., Ltd.
Company Adress <Headquarters>
3-1-18 Nishinagasu-cho Amagasaki city, Hyogo 660-0805    Open in Google Maps 
<Sales Office>
7-1-3-316 Doi-cho Amagasaki city, Hyogo 660-0083    Open in Google Maps 
Capital 65,000,000yen
Main Business Planning, development, manufacture and sale of toys imitating plumbing equipment. Other planning, development, manufacture and sale of toys.
Executives Chairman of board of directors Shozo Okamoto
Representative Director Takaya Suzuki

Corporate Philosophy

A company that creates lifeline of mind

The Benkan Group plays a role in supporting the global lifeline through the manufacture and sale of piping materials. For many years, by supplying piping materials to the market, we are fulfilling the function to smoothly distribute necessary goods for daily life.

By making a proposal with tube lock as the axis, Tublock Co., Ltd. will expand "fun to connect" to the world, aiming to create a company that supports the mind lifeline.

Joint solution company

By offering a proposal with tube lock as the center, we aim to become a company that can provide "an opportunity to connect" and propose new value.

Through tube lock, we will create a new community design that has never existed, and we will do business to provide "pleasure to connect", "sense of accomplishment", "satisfaction" to all people all over the world. A smile appears after "Connected !!". Our impression criterion is that such scenes will increase to everyone in the world more than this now.



Let's challenge to change with wisdom and courage!

We are aware of changes in the environment that we are standing and will change ourselves to face it.

Our Mission

We will aim to create a company that supports the "lifeline of the mind" by expanding "fun to connect" to everyone in the world.

Our Vision

  1. We supply customers' satisfying products when they need it.
  2. By digging up latent needs and responding to it, we will create new customers.
  3. We will ensure the legitimate interests for stability and growth of management and returning to employees.
  4. We will create a workplace environment that motivates employees.
  5. We will do appreciation from you.
    • "Everyone" means a stakeholder.

Guidelines for Corporate Behavior

  1. We look, listen, and respond quickly.
    We capture customer needs without missing, respond to it at a high standard.
  2. We will continue to challenge.
    We always have awareness of parties and innovation, keep on challenging with our own ideas and techniques.
  3. We prioritize safety to everything.
    In addition to ensuring the safety of products and services, we will work to ensure the safety of our workplaces and employees.
  4. We aim to become a company that is needed for society.
    We contribute to society through development, manufacturing, and provision of pipeline equipment, which is a lifeline.
  5. We observe the rules of society.
    We will fulfill our social responsibility (CSR), and through fair corporate activities, we will work on timely and accurate information dissemination and global environmental conservation. 
    • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) = responding to the citizen's, region's explicit, and potential needs, contributing to higher consideration and information disclosure etc.
  6. We strive to develop by bringing together the power of our colleagues.
    We respect each employees and their ideas, and reflect it in business development as property.
  7. We will continue heading to a wonderful future.
    We always hold a new future and continue to have a desire to realize it.

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